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Glossary of Philatelic Terms M

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Machin: The name given to a well-known series of British definitive stamps first issued in 1967.

Makeshift booklets: U.S. stamp booklets manufactured using stamps normally issued in individual panes, packaged in generic blue cardboard covers and dispensed by vending machines.
Marcophily: Postmark collecting.
Margin: The selvage surrounding the stamps in a sheet, often carrying inscriptions of various kinds.
Mat: A hard rubber plate used to apply overprints on postage stamps.
Maximaphily: Maximum card collecting.
Maximum card: A picture postcard, a cancel, and a stamp presenting maximum concordance. 
Miniature sheet: A smaller-than-normal pane of stamps issued only in that form or in addition to full panes.
Mint: A stamp in the same state as issued by a post office: unused, undamaged and with full original gum (if issued with gum). 
Missionaries: The first stamps of Hawaii, issued 1851-52, considered among the great classics of philately.
Mixed perforation: See Compound perforation.
Mixed postage: The franking on a cover bearing the stamps of two or more stamp-issuing entities, properly used.
Mixture: A large group of stamps, understood to contain duplication. A mixture is said to be unpicked or picked.

Mount: Acetate holders, clear on the front and with some sort of adhesive on the back. Collectors use mounts to affix stamps or covers to album or exhibit pages.


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