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"It was like Christmas is June"

June  29th, 2014  

Dear Stamp Collection Center, 


Rec'd the 3 orders (consolidated into 1 mailing), and it was like Christmas is June.  The package was 'wrapped' in all the Netherlands Postage, I was almost NOT wanting to open it because of its beauty. I am truly amazed by how quick the order came, it only took 6 days (it has normally been running 10 days, with that 1 exception). GREAT JOB GUYS & GALS ! ! ! Another extremely satisfied customer . . . I appreciate y'all ! ! ! Thanx


Mr Fleury, FL, USA




"thank you for your care and diligence"

March 14th, 2014  

Dear Stamp Collection Center, 


Just received my latest order and it was perfect, thank you for your care and diligence, it is appreciated. I should have mentioned this before and it certainly is worth mentioning. The package itself is a 'collection' all be itself, it's beautiful. I don't know who looks forward to receiving the package more my grand kids or myself because of the package wrapped in stamps from the Netherlands. Thank you ! ! !


Paul, Orange Park, FL, USA




"making sure the customer is happy"


September 20th, 2012  

Dear Stamp Collection Center, 


I have been very pleased with the items I've bought from you and how you handled my minor complaint. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. My focus has been on getting some nice hingeless albums to put what I already have into and the last two lots I bought from you fit in very nicely. Hopefully you'll get more in that I need.


Jack - Denton, TX, USA





"You can be assured of more business from me"


April 19th, 2012  

Dear Christian,

I am quite pleased with both my collections and the last one arrived very quickly. Both were just what I had in mind and in excellent condition. Your descriptions of the lots were very good and I feel I am getting a better return for my money, better than other places I have bought from.  My problem is that, with all the dealers, auctions and the lot, there is too much out there that I like. I am forced to budget my purchases to every 2 or 3 or 4 months for collections, with time to purchase supplies also.  I am keeping my eye on your new lists and will find plenty as time goes by. As I have purchased so much in the last year, I am having to take additional time to organize and decide what I need. Continue the good work and I hope you get much business, as I like your system very much.

Best Wishes, 

Mr R. Mathis - Decherd - TN, USA




"I am particularly pleased"


April 8th 2012 

Dear Stamp Collection Center, 

I am pleased to be able to tell you that the Brazil has been delivered. I was surprised that it came today which is a public holiday in Australia. I am also particularly pleased with the material itself. The photographs did not do it justice.

Many thanks for your persistence with this item.

Mr C. Patterson - Plympton, Australia




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