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5847AlandA doubles lot with some different material.stock book$ 95.00Bewerken
6004AlandAn extensive collection, until 2006.album$ 189.50Bewerken
6080AlbaniaA classical collection on pages.folder$ 284.50Bewerken
6403U.S.A.A nice collection, until 2010.4 albums$ 505.50Bewerken
5151Anguilla1967/79. Blocks and covers.folder$ 177.00Bewerken
5811Aruba1985/1998. A well filled collection on album pages.folder$ 101.00Bewerken
5943Aruba1986/2001. A neat collection.album$ 145.50Bewerken
5647AustraliaA messy lot.stock book$ 113.50Bewerken
5192Australia1927/1984. A nice collection.album$ 151.50Bewerken
4820Australia1913/1945. Collection with a lot of better material.album$ 1769.00Bewerken
6402Australia1913/2011. A well filled collection.3 albums$ 821.00Bewerken
4595Australia1913/2003. A dealer stock with a lot of material.3 stock books$ 631.50Bewerken
6352Australia1913/1999. A well filled collection.album$ 695.00Bewerken
5507Australia & TerritoriesA messy collection.album$ 252.50Bewerken
4560Australian Antarctic TerritoryA very extensive collection.2 albums$ 568.50Bewerken
3701B.I.O.T.A very messy collection. folder$ 221.00Bewerken
6287Baltic StatesA nice collection on pages.folder$ 252.50Bewerken
5660FiscalA fun lot to explore.folder$ 158.00Bewerken
5661FiscalA fun lot to explore.folder$ 158.00Bewerken
6153BelgiumA nice doubles lot.stock book$ 126.50Bewerken
6164BelgiumA nice lot with plenty of older material.stock book$ 189.50Bewerken
6084BelgiumA classical lot to explore, with some different material.stock book$ 252.50Bewerken
6041BelgiumA messy collection on pages.folder$ 189.50Bewerken
4563BelgiumA classical lot with 700 stamps.album$ 379.00Bewerken
4647Belgium1849/1969. A well filled, neat collection.2 albums$ 505.50Bewerken
4808BelgiumA messy lot with a plenty of better, old material.folder$ 316.00Bewerken
4812BelgiumA messy lot with plenty of better, old material.folder$ 442.00Bewerken
4770BelgiumA nice collection, until 2007.2 stock books$ 695.00Bewerken
5173Belgium1849/1970. Collection in old album, incl. rail.album$ 252.50Bewerken
5443Belgium1849/1935. A nice collection with a lot fo better material from the 30's.folder$ 821.00Bewerken
5257BurmaA fun, classical lot.folder$ 158.00Bewerken
5585Bolivia1897/1979. A nice collection.album$ 379.00Bewerken
6357CeylonAn adventurous collection with a lot of classical.folder$ 505.50Bewerken
4852CuracaoA neat collection.album$ 284.50Bewerken
5765CuracaoCollection on album pages.folder$ 158.00Bewerken
4847Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/1992. A reasonably well filled collection with a lot of better material.album$ 442.00Bewerken
4281Curacao/Dutch Antilles1936/1960. Curacao and Netherlands Antilles. DAVO album$ 303.00Bewerken
4156Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/1969. A neat collection with a lot of better album$ 1010.50Bewerken
4648Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/1985. A well filled, double collected collection.2 albums$ 442.00Bewerken
6393Curacao/Dutch AntillesA neat collection, until 1997.album$ 252.50Bewerken
6234CyprusA messy lot.stock book$ 107.50Bewerken
4761Cyprus1960/1975. A well filled collection.folder$ 221.00Bewerken
5447CyprusA nice collection, until 1998.folder$ 410.50Bewerken
4552Denmark1851/2010. A well filled collection.album$ 631.50Bewerken
6151DenmarkA nice doubles lot.stock book$ 189.50Bewerken
6369German ColoniesChina. A neat collection on album pages.folder$ 663.50Bewerken
6329German ColoniesMarocco. A neat collection on album pages.folder$ 947.50Bewerken
6330German ColoniesTurkey. A neat collection on album pages.folder$ 410.50Bewerken
6331German ColoniesNew Guinea. A neat collection on album pages.folder$ 284.50Bewerken
6332German ColoniesEast Africa. A neat collection on album pages.folder$ 379.00Bewerken
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