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3680AitutakiPenrhyn and Rarotonga. A messy collection.stock book$ 553.50Bewerken
2587AlandAnd Faroe Islands. A nice collection until 2000.album$ 277.00Bewerken
2766AlandA messy collection until 2006.stock book$ 173.00Bewerken
2693Aland1986/2010. A very well filled album$ 311.50Bewerken
3116America-precancelsA great collection with a lot of rare material.album$ 692.00Bewerken
2295America-precancelsAn adventurous lot.folder$ 207.50Bewerken
4141U.S.A.A nice collection until 1978, with a nice Hawaii section.album$ 830.50Bewerken
3841Andorra-SpanishA fun lot.small stock books$ 380.50Bewerken
1981AnguillaAlso, Antigua. Collection on album-pages with old material.folder$ 173.00Bewerken
4159ArgentinaAn extensive collection until 1989.2 stock books$ 692.00Bewerken
4166Aruba1986/2005. A well filled collection.album$ 187.00Bewerken
4338Australia1913/2012. A nice collection with a lot of stamps.2 albums$ 692.00Bewerken
2724Australia1913/2010. A well filled collection.2 albums$ 553.50Bewerken
3082AustraliaA very extensive collection until 1970 with a lot of older material.album$ 1315.00Bewerken
3705AustraliaN.W. Pacific Islands. A very messy collection.folder$ 415.00Bewerken
3013AsiaA messy lot.stock book$ 415.00Bewerken
3701B.I.O.T.A very messy collection. folder$ 242.00Bewerken
3529BelgiumA neat, pre-war collection.album$ 1868.50Bewerken
2970Belgium1850/1973. A neat collection.album$ 415.00Bewerken
2947BelgiumA messy collection.stock book$ 415.00Bewerken
4290Belgium1849/1973. A neat collection with a lot of better material.album$ 553.50Bewerken
4179Belgium1851/2003. A neat collection with a lot of material.4 luxury albums$ 1661.00Bewerken
3778Belgium1849/1960. A nice collection.album$ 450.00Bewerken
3779BelgiumA doubles lot with plenty of older material.stock book$ 110.50Bewerken
3790BelgiumA messy lot with plenty of better material.stock book$ 1522.50Bewerken
3792BelgiumA nice doubles lot with plenty of older material.small stock book$ 277.00Bewerken
3793Belgium+/-1900/1965. A great dealer stock.stock book$ 1315.00Bewerken
1568BurmaA fun classical lot.folder$ 173.00Bewerken
3638BulgariaA wholesale lot with plenty of older material.stock book$ 173.00Bewerken
3408CanadaA nice collection with a lot of older material.album$ 131.50Bewerken
1790ColombiaAlso, Chili, collection incl. older material with better stock book$ 152.00Bewerken
3689Cook IslandsA very messy collection. Incl. some Tuvalu.stock book$ 277.00Bewerken
2928CuracaoA nice lot, with airmail.stock book$ 242.00Bewerken
2713CuracaoAir-Mail and Postage Due. A nice collection on album-pages.folder$ 553.50Bewerken
1639CuracaoA neat Airmail collection, incl. 2 covers.folder$ 692.00Bewerken
4184Curacao1873/1950. A well filled collection on album pages.folder$ 311.50Bewerken
4156Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/1969. A neat collection with a lot of better album$ 1107.00Bewerken
1181Curacao/Dutch Antilles1973/2008. A well filled collection. Catalogue value 7.350,00 euro.2 albums$ 1730.00Bewerken
4281Curacao/Dutch Antilles1936/1960. Curacao and Netherlands Antilles. DAVO album$ 332.00Bewerken
2314Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/2007. A very well filled collection. Catalogue value 5,300.00 euro.3 luxury albums$ 1100.50Bewerken
2585Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/1997. A nice collection.album$ 277.00Bewerken
2577Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/2007. A very well filled collection, with Aruba.2 albums$ 796.00Bewerken
2599Cyprus1960/1994. A messy collection with some Papua New Guinea.stock book$ 242.00Bewerken
2763Denmark1851/1989. A well filled collection.album$ 830.50Bewerken
3271DenmarkA messy collection.stock book$ 553.50Bewerken
4314DenmarkA neat collection until 2004.3 luxury albums$ 623.00Bewerken
4319DenmarkA well filled collection until 1981.album$ 969.00Bewerken
2106Denmark1851/2000. A well filled collection with a lot of better material throughout.album$ 761.00Bewerken
2129German ColoniesA messy lot, mostly Eastern-Africa.stock book$ 934.00Bewerken
4308German ColoniesAn adventurous collection on pages. The issues with cross under them are unfortunately copies. folder$ 484.50Bewerken
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