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5142Aland1985/2004. Collection with a lot of modern thematic sets.stock book$ 165.50Bewerken
5151Anguilla1967/79. Blocks and covers.folder$ 185.50Bewerken
4159ArgentinaAn extensive collection until 1989.2 stock books$ 662.00Bewerken
4820Australia1913/1945. Collection with a lot of better material.album$ 1854.00Bewerken
4595Australia1913/2003. A dealer stock with a lot of material.3 stock books$ 662.00Bewerken
5192Australia1927/1984. A nice collection.album$ 159.00Bewerken
3705AustraliaN.W. Pacific Islands. A very messy collection.folder$ 397.50Bewerken
4560Australian Antarctic TerritoryA very extensive collection.2 albums$ 596.00Bewerken
3701B.I.O.T.A very messy collection. folder$ 231.50Bewerken
5083BechuanalandCollection, with better material.album$ 397.50Bewerken
5173Belgium1849/1970. Collection in old album, incl. rail.album$ 265.00Bewerken
5443Belgium1849/1935. A nice collection with a lot fo better material from the 30's.folder$ 860.50Bewerken
3790BelgiumA messy lot with plenty of better material.stock book$ 1456.50Bewerken
4563BelgiumA classical lot with 700 stamps.album$ 397.50Bewerken
4647Belgium1849/1969. A well filled, neat collection.2 albums$ 529.50Bewerken
4579Belgium1849/1945. A well filled collection with a lot of better material.album$ 894.00Bewerken
4812BelgiumA messy lot with plenty of better, old material.folder$ 463.50Bewerken
4808BelgiumA messy lot with a plenty of better, old material.folder$ 331.00Bewerken
4179Belgium1851/2003. A neat collection with a lot of material.4 luxury albums$ 1589.00Bewerken
4770BelgiumA nice collection, until 2007.2 stock books$ 728.50Bewerken
4394BermudaA very adventurous lot. Suitable for the specialist.3 stock books$ 496.50Bewerken
5257BurmaA fun, classical lot.folder$ 165.50Bewerken
4852CuracaoA neat collection.album$ 298.00Bewerken
4847Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/1992. A reasonably well filled collection with a lot of better material.album$ 463.50Bewerken
4281Curacao/Dutch Antilles1936/1960. Curacao and Netherlands Antilles. DAVO album$ 318.00Bewerken
4648Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/1985. A well filled, double collected collection.2 albums$ 463.50Bewerken
4156Curacao/Dutch Antilles1873/1969. A neat collection with a lot of better album$ 1059.50Bewerken
4761Cyprus1960/1975. A well filled collection.folder$ 231.50Bewerken
4314DenmarkA neat collection until 2004.3 luxury albums$ 596.00Bewerken
4552Denmark1851/2010. A well filled collection.album$ 662.00Bewerken
4319DenmarkA well filled collection until 1981.album$ 927.00Bewerken
4617German ColoniesA great collection with many great issues from various countries.album$ 4899.50Bewerken
5051German Empire1872/1932. A well filled collection with a lot of better material.album$ 860.50Bewerken
4930German Empire1872/1945. A nice collection with a high catalogue value.album$ 397.50Bewerken
5036German EmpireA nice collection, from 1872, with some Bund.album$ 529.50Bewerken
5038German Empire1872/1945. A well filled collection.album$ 596.00Bewerken
5046German Empire1933/1945. A nice collection with some Regions.album$ 529.50Bewerken
5269German EmpireBrustschild on album pages until 1900. Very high catalogue value.folder$ 331.00Bewerken
5035German StatesA great collection with a lot of better material.album$ 1324.00Bewerken
4816Germany-BerlinA messy collection with a lot of material.folder$ 165.50Bewerken
4611Germany-Berlin1948/1990. A nice collection, with some doubles.stock book$ 430.50Bewerken
4640Germany-Berlin1948/1973. A well filled collection.album$ 331.00Bewerken
4714Germany-Berlin1949/1990. A nice collection.album$ 218.50Bewerken
4606Germany-Berlin1948/1990. A well filled collection with some Bund.album$ 245.00Bewerken
4517Germany-Berlin1948/1990. A well filled collection.folder$ 728.50Bewerken
4597Germany-Berlin1948/1990. A well filled collection.album$ 596.00Bewerken
4446Germany-Berlin1948/1989. A well filled collection.album$ 298.00Bewerken
4348Germany-Berlin1948/1990. A very well filled collection.album$ 596.00Bewerken
4864Germany-BerlinA nice collection to 1974.album$ 529.50Bewerken
5172Germany-Bund1949/1967. Almost complete collection.album$ 496.50Bewerken
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