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6007GreeceA messy lot.stock book$ 76.00Bewerken
4769GreeceA nice collection, until 2005.3 albums and 1 stock book$ 633.50Bewerken
5286Greece1978/1996. Luxury collection with many pair sheets. Catalogue value 233.00 euro.album$ 538.50Bewerken
5546GreeceA classical doubles lot.stock book$ 380.00Bewerken
5911Greece1861/1969. According to the collector where we bought the collection, the catalogue value is 15,000.00 GBP/ 18,000.00 euro. He counted everything. THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY.album$ 1267.00Bewerken
5894GreeceCollection, 1945-1979.album$ 538.50Bewerken
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