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Lot #: 11963



1866/1972. Collection in Neerlandia album. In the early period some used and then later almost all MNH. All described with a lot of information.
Lot #: 12010

Mainly MNH/Hinged

3 albums

1891/2012. Beautiful Finland collection in 3 Davo albums ***/**, incl. Russian issues 35/47**, the weapon sets in good water marks, furthermore complete, incl. the zeppelins ***. A lot of extra's, issues and sheets. 38 booklets. Military, complete, incl. 8/9 and the Aunus set 1/8 ** (1,500.00 euro). The Euro section alone has a high face-value. We estimate the catalogue value at 10,000.00 euro.
Lot #: 12019



1885/1990. Fun collection ***/** on stock pages. From 1920, mostly complete and in the early section hinged, after that all MNH, incl. blocks. Must have a large catalogue value!!!
Lot #: 12617


3 stock books

A messy doubles lot with plenty of better material. Suitable for resellers.
Showing lot 1 to 4 of 4
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