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1319NetherlandsSTAMP BOOKLETS. 1964/1972. A complete collection.album$ 468.50Bewerken
1259NetherlandsSTAMP BOOKLETS. 1964/1994. An almost complete collection.album$ 502.00Bewerken
4556Netherlands1852/1997. A very extensive collection with many great issues. Very high catalogue value.2 albums$ 3681.50Bewerken
4549Netherlands1872/1982. A nice collection.2 albums$ 703.00Bewerken
4680NetherlandsE2/E126. A neat, complete collection.album$ 736.50Bewerken
4749Netherlands1952/1974. Collection with reasonably good quality.album$ 301.00Bewerken
5050Netherlands1852/1980. A neat collection.album$ 870.00Bewerken
1536NetherlandsA nice collection.album$ 93.50Bewerken
1572Netherlands1852/1976. A well filled collection with a lot of better material. Catalogue value Euro 7,400.00.album$ 1339.00Bewerken
1615Netherlands1852/1971. A well filled collection.2 albums$ 870.00Bewerken
1616Netherlands1951/2011. A neat and well filled collection.6 albums$ 870.00Bewerken
1575NetherlandsA nice lot in 2 stock books.folder$ 803.50Bewerken
1712Netherlands1864/1974. A very well filled collection of stamp-booklets.album$ 535.50Bewerken
4181Netherlands1852/1949. A well filled collection on album pages. A lot of great issues.folder$ 2008.00Bewerken
4846NetherlandsCollection with reasonable quality.album$ 1004.00Bewerken
4850Netherlands1852/1940. A well filled collection.folder$ 937.00Bewerken
2667Netherlands1852/1998. A very well filled collection, with all the great issues. Also, postage due.album$ 2543.50Bewerken
2805Netherlands1852/1990. A nice collection.album$ 435.00Bewerken
2981Netherlands1852/1983. A well filled collection with a lot of better material. The 10 Guilder from 1899 has a small thin spot.2 albums$ 1205.00Bewerken
3713Netherlands1852/1941. A neat collection on album pages.album$ 1004.00Bewerken
3915Netherlands1899/2001. A well filled collection.2 albums$ 1004.00Bewerken
1115Netherlands1852/1976. A nice collection.album$ 468.50Bewerken
2089NetherlandsCollection from 1852 in two self-made albums.2 albums$ 669.50Bewerken
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