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4179Belgium1851/2003. A neat collection with a lot of material.4 luxury albums$ 1659.00Bewerken
4290Belgium1849/1973. A neat collection with a lot of better material.album$ 553.00Bewerken
4356Belgium1951/1988. A well filled collection.album$ 311.00Bewerken
4357Belgium1952/1990. A well filled collection.album$ 207.50Bewerken
2947BelgiumA messy collection.stock book$ 414.50Bewerken
2970Belgium1850/1973. A neat collection.album$ 414.50Bewerken
3529BelgiumA neat, pre-war collection.album$ 1866.00Bewerken
3778Belgium1849/1960. A nice collection.album$ 449.00Bewerken
3790BelgiumA messy lot with plenty of better material.stock book$ 1520.50Bewerken
3792BelgiumA nice doubles lot with plenty of older material.small stock book$ 276.50Bewerken
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