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4553Sweden1855/2010. A well filled, neat collection.2 albums$ 942.50Bewerken
4555Sweden1855/1974. A very extensive collection with a lot of better material.4 albums$ 1817.50Bewerken
4557Sweden1855/1993. A well filled collection.4 albums$ 1144.50Bewerken
4725SwedenA nice doubles lot.stock book$ 202.00Bewerken
4727SwedenA doubles lot with plenty of classical.stock book$ 336.50Bewerken
4729SwedenA nice collection, until 1965.folder$ 336.50Bewerken
4821Sweden1855/1943. An extensive collection.album$ 538.50Bewerken
4828SwedenA very extensive, classical collection with cancellation material.album$ 5722.00Bewerken
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