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5964SwedenA nice doubles lot with plenty of material.stock book$ 224.00Bewerken
5965SwedenPostage Due, Duty etc. A very interesting lot. Suitable for the specialist.stock book$ 1088.00Bewerken
5979SwedenA doubles lot with plenty of older material. Also, Denmark.stock book$ 576.00Bewerken
6318SwedenA great collection with a lot of interesting cancellation material. Suitable for the specialist.3 albums$ 1920.00Bewerken
4553Sweden1855/2010. A well filled, neat collection.2 albums$ 896.00Bewerken
4725SwedenA nice doubles lot.stock book$ 192.00Bewerken
4727SwedenA doubles lot with plenty of classical.stock book$ 320.00Bewerken
4821Sweden1855/1943. An extensive collection.album$ 512.00Bewerken
5056Sweden1858/2009. A well filled collection.2 albums$ 416.00Bewerken
5806SwedenA messy lot.stock book$ 153.50Bewerken
6088SwedenA pre-war collection.folder$ 70.50Bewerken
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