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6034Austria1945/1971. A nice collection on album pages.folder$ 158.50Bewerken
6262AustriaA messy lot.stock book$ 126.50Bewerken
6346AustriaAn adventurous collection.album$ 253.50Bewerken
4209AustriaA nice lot.folder$ 171.00Bewerken
4865Austria1945/2001. A well filled collection.2 albums$ 380.00Bewerken
5374AustriaA nice lot, mostly 50's. Incl. bird set.folder$ 190.00Bewerken
5247Austria1999/2007. Collection with various special blocks.stock book$ 158.50Bewerken
6095AustriaA pre-war collection with a lot of better material.folder$ 380.00Bewerken
6103Austria1965/2001. A well filled collection.stock book$ 95.00Bewerken
3795AustriaA messy lot.stock book$ 126.50Bewerken
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