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3705AustraliaN.W. Pacific Islands. A very messy collection.folder$ 403.00Bewerken
3701B.I.O.T.A very messy collection. folder$ 235.00Bewerken
4808BelgiumA messy lot with a plenty of better, old material.folder$ 336.00Bewerken
4812BelgiumA messy lot with plenty of better, old material.folder$ 470.00Bewerken
1639CuracaoA neat Airmail collection, incl. 2 covers.folder$ 671.50Bewerken
2713CuracaoAir-Mail and Postage Due. A nice collection on album-pages.folder$ 537.00Bewerken
4761Cyprus1960/1975. A well filled collection.folder$ 235.00Bewerken
2649German EmpireSpecial airmail issues. Rare material.folder$ 1880.50Bewerken
4816Germany-BerlinA messy collection with a lot of material.folder$ 168.00Bewerken
4517Germany-Berlin1948/1990. A well filled collection.folder$ 738.50Bewerken
4445Germany-Bund1948/1989. A well filled collection on album pages.folder$ 268.50Bewerken
4652Germany-BundPost-hoorn set.folder$ 671.50Bewerken
4945Germany-Bund1949/1960. A very well filled collection.folder$ 369.50Bewerken
2886Germany-BundAn extensive lot with mostly Heuss. Interesting!!folder$ 537.00Bewerken
2737Germany-BundA fun lot with better material.folder$ 738.50Bewerken
2746Germany-Bund1945/1977. A well filled collection.folder$ 571.00Bewerken
2258Germany-BundA very extensive collection of the early period.folder$ 1141.50Bewerken
4526Germany-Bund and BerlinCombinations. A nice collection on blank pages.folder$ 470.00Bewerken
4392Germany-Sovjet ZoneLuxury Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern collection on Schaubeck pages. Incl. many better sets. Catalogue value 2,650.00 euro.folder$ 738.50Bewerken
4512Germany after 1945A messy lot, incl. Heuss combinations.folder$ 235.00Bewerken
3699FijiA very messy collection.folder$ 886.50Bewerken
4237France1853/1943. A neat collection on album pages, incl. some Colonies.folder$ 537.00Bewerken
2705French TerritoriesA nice collection of blocks.folder$ 87.50Bewerken
4297GibraltarA fun lot.folder$ 154.50Bewerken
3707Gilbert & Ellice IslandsKiribati. A very messy collection.folder$ 403.00Bewerken
1569IndiaA fun classical lot. Used Burma.folder$ 168.00Bewerken
4391Cape of Good HopeA nice lot with 45 triangles. Overall, good quality.folder$ 1141.50Bewerken
4330LevantA classical lot with cancellation material, mostly French.folder$ 604.50Bewerken
3714Liechtenstein1912/1938. A neat collection on album pages.folder$ 1175.00Bewerken
4465Mexico1968. Sports. An extensive collection.folder$ 121.00Bewerken
4480MozambiqueA classical collection on pages.folder$ 268.50Bewerken
4811MontserratA nice collection.folder$ 403.00Bewerken
4850Netherlands1852/1940. A well filled collection.folder$ 940.00Bewerken
1575NetherlandsA nice lot in 2 stock books.folder$ 806.00Bewerken
4181Netherlands1852/1949. A well filled collection on album pages. A lot of great issues.folder$ 2014.50Bewerken
2714Neth.Indies1864/1948. A well filled collection.folder$ 873.00Bewerken
4851Neth.Indies1864/1948. A neat collection on album pages.folder$ 470.00Bewerken
4980Neth.Indies1864/1949. A well filled collection on albumpages.folder$ 940.00Bewerken
4474Neth.IndiesA classical collection incl. some Suriname. folder$ 403.00Bewerken
3709New GuineaA very messy collection.folder$ 403.00Bewerken
4144NorwayA nice collection until 1976 with a lot of classical.folder$ 940.00Bewerken
1911Norfolk IslandCollection with various better issues and sets.folder$ 147.50Bewerken
3681Norfolk IslandA very messy collection.folder$ 336.00Bewerken
4209AustriaA nice lot.folder$ 181.50Bewerken
4581AustriaAlmost, completely mint collection with birds complete, clothing complete and many better sets and some modern.folder$ 403.00Bewerken
2640PalestineA specialized collection.folder$ 336.00Bewerken
3682Papua New GuineaPapua. A very messy collection.folder$ 638.00Bewerken
3530PortugalA neat, pre-war collection on album pages.folder$ 1209.00Bewerken
4831PortugalA few better blocks from the 40's. Catalogue value (Michel) 1,500.00 euro.folder$ 336.00Bewerken
4813Portuguese Colonies1949/1970. SAO THOME. A nice collection.folder$ 107.50Bewerken
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