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3680AitutakiPenrhyn and Rarotonga. A messy collection.stock book$ 553.00Bewerken
2766AlandA messy collection until 2006.stock book$ 173.00Bewerken
3841Andorra-SpanishA fun lot.small stock books$ 380.00Bewerken
4159ArgentinaAn extensive collection until 1989.2 stock books$ 691.00Bewerken
3013AsiaA messy lot.stock book$ 414.50Bewerken
2947BelgiumA messy collection.stock book$ 414.50Bewerken
3790BelgiumA messy lot with plenty of better material.stock book$ 1520.50Bewerken
3792BelgiumA nice doubles lot with plenty of older material.small stock book$ 276.50Bewerken
3638BulgariaA wholesale lot with plenty of older material.stock book$ 173.00Bewerken
1790ColombiaAlso, Chili, collection incl. older material with better stock book$ 152.00Bewerken
3689Cook IslandsA very messy collection. Incl. some Tuvalu.stock book$ 276.50Bewerken
2928CuracaoA nice lot, with airmail.stock book$ 242.00Bewerken
2599Cyprus1960/1994. A messy collection with some Papua New Guinea.stock book$ 242.00Bewerken
3271DenmarkA messy collection.stock book$ 553.00Bewerken
2129German ColoniesA messy lot, mostly Eastern-Africa.stock book$ 933.00Bewerken
2372Germany-BerlinA messy collection.stock book$ 103.50Bewerken
4228Germany-Berlin1948/1980. A nice dealers lot.stock book$ 345.50Bewerken
4351Germany-Berlin1948/1990. A nice doubles lot. Very high catalogue value.stock book$ 898.50Bewerken
4231Germany-Bund1946/1972. A nice doubles lot.stock book$ 345.50Bewerken
3644Germany-BundA great dealers stock until 2000 with a lot of material.7 stock books$ 1175.00Bewerken
2006Germany after 1945A gigantic lot with varied material. Many better issues. Very high catalogue value.8 stock books$ 1382.50Bewerken
3150EgyptA fun dealers lot with plenty of material.2 stock books$ 553.00Bewerken
3100EnglandCancellations. A classical collection with a lot of interesting material, incl. some covers.4 stock books + cassette$ 1382.50Bewerken
3721England and ColoniesA lot with mostly older material.stock book$ 449.00Bewerken
3824English Territories1849/2000. A messy double collected collection with a lot of better$ 484.00Bewerken
3825English TerritoriesA nice lot with plenty of thematics.stock book$ 484.00Bewerken
3281EuropeA nice dealers lot with plenty of better material.stock book$ 622.00Bewerken
2769EuropeA fun dealers-lot with plenty of material.stock book$ 359.50Bewerken
2770EuropeA fun dealers-lot incl. Finland and Luxembourg.stock book$ 539.00Bewerken
4198EuropeA fun lot incl. Germany, Greece and Hungary.stock book$ 242.00Bewerken
4201EuropeA fun lot with Romania and Russia.stock book$ 484.00Bewerken
3269Faroe IslandsA messy collection.stock book$ 138.00Bewerken
3582Faroe IslandsA messy lot. Plenty of face value.stock book$ 173.00Bewerken
3275FinlandA messy lot with plenty of better material.stock book$ 518.50Bewerken
3040FranceA classical doubles lot.small stock book$ 414.50Bewerken
3042FranceA huge lot with some different material.stock book$ 345.50Bewerken
2696FranceA messy lot.stock book$ 207.50Bewerken
3009FranceA doubles lot from the 50's with a lot of better material.stock book$ 760.50Bewerken
4336FranceA dealer stock until 1998.2 stock books$ 553.00Bewerken
4149FranceA messy collection with PEXIP-block.stock book$ 228.00Bewerken
2531GibraltarA messy collection.stock book$ 207.50Bewerken
2551GibraltarA great dealers lot with plenty of better material. Suitable for re-sellers.3 stock books$ 622.00Bewerken
2896Gibraltar1953/2006. A very well filled collection, also with some older material.3 albums and stock books$ 967.50Bewerken
3711Gilbert & Ellice Islandskiribati. A very messy collection.stock book$ 691.00Bewerken
2767GreenlandA great collection until 2009 with a large amount of great material. stock book$ 3110.00Bewerken
3276GreenlandA messy lot.stock book$ 207.50Bewerken
4135GuineaA nice lot with plenty of thematics.stock book$ 55.50Bewerken
4145Hungaria1965/1990. A nice collection.stock book$ 124.50Bewerken
2644HungariaAn adventurous lot.album and stock book$ 414.50Bewerken
3115Hungaria+/-1950/1991. A great collection with a lot of rare material.3 luxury albums + stock book$ 4838.00Bewerken
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