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5142Aland1985/2004. Collection with a lot of modern thematic sets.stock book$ 164.00Bewerken
4159ArgentinaAn extensive collection until 1989.2 stock books$ 656.00Bewerken
4595Australia1913/2003. A dealer stock with a lot of material.3 stock books$ 656.00Bewerken
4770BelgiumA nice collection, until 2007.2 stock books$ 722.00Bewerken
3790BelgiumA messy lot with plenty of better material.stock book$ 1443.50Bewerken
4394BermudaA very adventurous lot. Suitable for the specialist.3 stock books$ 492.00Bewerken
5504German EmpireA messy, doubles lot.stock book$ 197.00Bewerken
4735Germany-BundA collection with a lot of older material.stock book$ 164.00Bewerken
4612Germany-Bund1949/1997. A well filled collection, incl. some doubles.stock book$ 229.50Bewerken
4515Germany-Bund and BerlinA messy doubles lot.stock book$ 229.50Bewerken
4619Germany-G.D.R.1949/1990. A fun lot with plenty of material.stock book$ 328.00Bewerken
5531GermanyA fun lot with States.stock book$ 393.50Bewerken
5540GermanyA messy lot with plenty of older material.stock book$ 131.00Bewerken
5362EnglandAn interesting lot to explore with mostly classical material. High catalogue value.stock book$ 1246.50Bewerken
5426EnglandA messy lot with many stamp booklets and some Channel.stock book$ 262.50Bewerken
5308England and ColoniesCollection with fun thematics from various countries.stock book$ 144.50Bewerken
5403English Colonies/TerritoriesA doubles lot with plenty of material.stock book$ 157.50Bewerken
5211English ColoniesCollection of modern sets and blocks.stock book$ 210.00Bewerken
5370English ColoniesA doubles lot with plenty of older material.stock book$ 164.00Bewerken
5476English ColoniesA messy lot.stock book$ 262.50Bewerken
4491EthiopieA double collected collection with a lot of rare material.stock book$ 656.00Bewerken
4574Falkland IslandsA modern collection with a lot of gutter-pairs.2 stock books$ 426.50Bewerken
5128Faroe IslandsAland Is. A messy lot, until 2001. stock book$ 393.50Bewerken
5167Faroe Islands1976/2003. Collection with stamp booklets. Catalogue value 910.00 euro. Nice!stock book$ 210.00Bewerken
5209Faroe Islands1975/2005. Collection with sheets and a large amount of modern material.stock book$ 262.50Bewerken
5210Faroe Islands1975/2008. Collection with a large amount of modern. Nice!stock book$ 262.50Bewerken
3269Faroe IslandsA messy collection.stock book$ 131.00Bewerken
3582Faroe IslandsA messy lot. Plenty of face value.stock book$ 164.00Bewerken
4743FinlandA fun wholesale lot.stock book$ 295.50Bewerken
5049FinlandA nice lot, with classical.stock book$ 151.00Bewerken
5199FinlandDealer stock with plenty of older material.stock book$ 393.50Bewerken
5274France1984/2000. Collection with blocks, LP, booklets etc. Beautiful.stock book$ 426.50Bewerken
5214FranceR.K. booklets until 1984, incl. 1952.stock book$ 229.50Bewerken
5356GibraltarA messy collection.stock book$ 157.50Bewerken
4769GreeceA nice collection, until 2005.3 albums and 1 stock book$ 656.00Bewerken
5284Greece1980/1996. Modern collection with many miniature sheets, booklets etc. Catalogue value 1,145.00 euro.stock book$ 249.50Bewerken
5127HungariaA messy collection with a lot of thematics.stock book$ 151.00Bewerken
5365HungariaA messy lot with plenty of better material.stock book$ 590.50Bewerken
5369HungariaA nice miniature sheet lot.stock book$ 525.00Bewerken
3405HungariaA small collection.stock book$ 197.00Bewerken
5398IndiaA nice collection.stock book$ 229.50Bewerken
4649Indonesia1949/1989. A well filled collection.2 stock books$ 393.50Bewerken
4782IsraelA messy lot, with better material throughout.stock book$ 328.00Bewerken
4721Italy1979/1995. A nice doubles lot. stock book$ 393.50Bewerken
5048ItalyAn adventurous lot.stock book$ 177.00Bewerken
5312YugoslaviaCollection of miniature sheets and booklets, incl. modern and better. High catalogue value.stock book$ 131.00Bewerken
5187LuxembourgA nice doubles lot.stock book$ 164.00Bewerken
5195LuxembourgA doubles lot with plenty of better material.2 stock books$ 459.50Bewerken
4723Malta1960/1992. A nice dealer stock.stock book$ 197.00Bewerken
4668Middle EastA fun lot with plenty of Saudi Arabia.stock book$ 328.00Bewerken
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