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Glossary of Philatelic Terms - B

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Backprint: Printing on the reverse of a stamp.
Backstamp: A postmark applied to mail by the receiving post office or by a post office handling the piece while it is in transit. 
Bank mixture: A high-quality mixture of stamps.
Batonne: A wove or laid paper with watermarklike lines deliberately added in the papermaking process and intended as a guide for handwriting.
Bicolor: Printed in two colors.
Bisect: A stamp cut or perforated into two parts, each half representing half the face value of the original stamp. 
Bishop mark: The earliest postmark, introduced by Henry Bishop in England circa 1661.
Black Jack: The nickname of the United States 2› black Andrew Jackson stamp issued between 1863 and 1875.
Blind perforation: Intended perforations that are only lightly impressed by the perforating pins, leaving the paper intact, but cut or with a faint impression.
Block: A unit of four or more unsevered stamps, including at least two stamps both vertically and horizontally. 
Booklet: A unit of one or more small panes or blocks (known as booklet panes) glued, stitched or stapled together between thin card covers to form a convenient unit for mailers to purchase and carry. 
Bourse: A meeting of stamp collectors and/or dealers, where stamps and covers are sold or exchanged.


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