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Glossary of Philatelic Terms D

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Dead country: A former stamp-issuing entity that has ceased issuing its own stamps.

Definitive: Stamp issued in a large indefinite quantity and for an indefinite period, usually several years or more.
Deltiology: Picture postcard collecting.
Denomination: The face value of a stamp, usually indicated by numerals printed as part of the design.
Die: The original engraving of a stamp design, usually recess-engraved in reverse on a small flat piece of soft steel.
Directory markings: "Postal indication of failed delivery attempt, stating the reason for failure. Examples are ""No Such Number,'' ""Address Unknown'' and ""Moved.''"
Duplex cancel: A two-part postal marking consisting of a canceler and a postmark.
Duplicate: An additional copy of a stamp that one already has in a collection. Beginners often consider stamps to be duplicates that really are not, because they overlook perforation, watermark or color varieties.


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