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Glossary of Philatelic Terms R

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Receiving mark: A postmark or other postal marking applied by the receiving, rather than the originating, post office.

Redrawn: A stamp design that has been slightly altered yet maintains the basic design as originally issued.
Re-engraved: A stamp with an altered design as the result of a change made to a transfer roll or printing plate prior to a later printing, thereby distinguishing it from the original die.
Regional: Stamp sold or valid in a specific area of a stamp-issuing entity. Great Britain has issued stamps for the regions of Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Regummed: A stamp bearing adhesive from an unauthorized source.
Reissue: An official reprinting of a stamp from an obsolete or discontinued issue.
Remainders: Stocks of stamps remaining unsold at the time that an issue is declared obsolete by a post office.
Repaired stamp: A damaged stamp that has been repaired in some way to reinforce it or to make it resemble an undamaged stamp.
Reprint: A stamp printed from the original plate, after the issue has ceased to be postally valid.
Revenues: Stamps representing the prepayment or payment of various taxes.
Rotary plate: A curved or cylindrical printing plate used on a press that rotates the plate to make continuous impressions.
Rust: A brown mold resembling the rust in iron. Rust affects stamp paper and gum in tropical regions.


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