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Glossary of Philatelic Terms T

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T: "Abbreviation for the French " Taxe.

Tagging: Phosphor material on stamps used to activate automatic mail-handling equipment.
Teeth: The protruding points along the outer edge of a perforated postage stamp when it has been removed from the pane.
Telegraph stamp: Label used for the prepayment of telegraph fees.
Tete-beche: French for ""head to tail.'' Two or more unsevered stamps, one of which is inverted in relation to the other.
Thematic: A collection of stamps or covers relating to a specific topic.
Tied: A stamp is said to be tied to a cover when the cancel extends over both the stamp and the envelope paper.
Tong: Tweezerlike tool with rounded, polished tips, used to handle stamps.
Topical: Stamp or cover showing a given subject. Examples are flowers, art, birds, elephants or the Statue of Liberty.
Transit mark: A postal marking applied by a post office between the originating and receiving post offices.
Triptych: A se-tenant strip of three related stamps forming one overall design.
Type: A basic design of a stamp or a set. Catalogs use type numbers or letters to save space.


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